Each motor is supplied with a 'standard' dropper resistor which is
2.4mm diameter x 6mm long, remember to allow some lead length
to each end for connecting the wires.
6 volt rated 6mm x 12mm Micro Motor
with dropper resistor (runs on 12Vdc)
You may be thinking 'why not a 12V micro motor?'.  Just in case
you don't think I have considered this lets just say that it took a
couple of years to get to 6V and the evidence is pretty clear that a
12V motor this size is more or less impossible from a technical
standpoint.  Its all to do with how many turns of wire you need and
how thin the wire needs to be as a result!
Note this drawing is around 2.5 times bigger
than actual size.
Click for a larger picture of micro motors
Click for a bigger picture of the remotored Marklin loco
Click for a bigger picture of the remotored Marklin loco
Here are some pictures of a Marklin Z scale
loco (8805) which I have re-motored with one
of the 6V micro motors.  It runs extremely
A suitable shaft 1mm adapter and
resistor are now available.
Click for performance graph
Marklin Z scale loco re-motorising
Click here for video clips and instructions
Low profile motor unit
by Ted Scannell
Here is an excellent design for a drive unit
suitable for under floor mounting in a range
of scales up to and  including 4mm & 3.5mm:ft
Click here for a 6V vibration motor (pager motor) for volume industrial applications
Click here for performance data
Click here for 6V micro motor instructions
Click here for application notes
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Click here for a 5V/6V vibration motor (pager motor) for
volume industrial applications
6 volt 6mm x 10mm Micro Motor click here
Please see my ONLINE SHOP for details of pricing & postage & packing
This is a 6mm diameter x 12mm long 3 pole coreless DC motor
nominally rated at 6V but suitable for running at voltages up to 12V
DC with the resistor provided.  It may be used as a drive motor from
Z, Nn3 etc through 009/HOe/HOn30 and even in some HO/OO
   Click here for SMT resistor instructions.
A 'surface mount' resistor with mounting pad is available seperately
if needed,  The SMT resistor is about 3.6mm x 2mm x 1.5mm on its
mounting pad and the connection area is within this.
Precision turned brass shaft adapters are
available to convert the 0.8mm shaft to 1mm or 1.5mm

This motor is used in my
O&K Montania Loco
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