>   12V dc operation
>   Complete kit with motors, reduction mechanisms and wheels.
>   Scale model - highly detailed - click on the photos for close-ups.
>   Etched nickel-silver chassis, etched brass body parts.
>   Cast exhaust & radiator.
>   Precision finescale wheelsets
>   Overall dimensions 34mm (W) x 60mm (L) x 32mm (H)
>   Radiator fan independently motorised - two motors included
>   Wheelsets supplied gauged for 14mm or 16.5mm (regaugable)
>   Lots of room for DCC and even a small combined sound chip!
                          (Driver not included)
For prices and to order online please visit ,my ONLINE SHOP .
1:43.5 7mm O-14/O-16.5/On-30 Scale
20HP WD Simplex or Bow framed Simplex
Buy Online
Buy Online
Buy Online
Click here for PDF instructions and parts lists
The kit builds into a highly detailed scale model of a 20HP War
Department Light Railway petrol tractor.  Many hundreds of these
locos were used in Northern France during the First World War to
transport goods to and from the area two within 2 miles of and
behind the allied trenches.

The chassis is formed of two nickel/silver frames connected by
precision threaded spacers which allow the chassis to be
dismantled without the need for un-soldering.  This reduces the risk
of assembling the kit substantially as you know that if you get it
wrong at least you can take it apart and try again!  The main drive
system consists of a two stage worm reduction drive to the custom
made outside journal wheel sets.  Four miniature turned bushes
provide bearings for the wheel sets.

The body is formed mainly from etched brass components with
castings for  the radiator and the exhaust.  There are various
sacrificial tabs and a large sacrificial strengthening section
included in the design as an aid to construction and to protect the
shape of the frame during assembly.    Many detail overlays are
added to the basic frame to reproduce rivet detail and
representations of the visible parts of the engine and gearbox.  The
radiator comes complete with fan and fan belt pulley which is fully
functional and motorised via a second motor and two stage
reduction drive.

The instructions include photographs at each stage of the build and
run to 9 pages of A4.
They can be viewed here in full colour as a
PDF file.

There are various spare parts included on the frets and further
spares are available from me if you 'ping' anything, initially for
postage costs only.  I am available by email to answer any
questions and deal with any problems you may experience with the
kit.   Ultimately if you have problems getting your chassis to run I will
'get you going' for a further charge.

There is some additional material about this kit on my upcoming
products page.
Actual Size Outline
See instructions pdf for full outline drawings
Click for a bigger picture of the 7mm scale Simplex loco
Click for a bigger picture of the 7mm scale Simplex loco chassis
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Click for a bigger picture of the 7mm scale Simplex loco
Click for a bigger picture of the 7mm scale Simplex loco
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