My rolling stock kits are usually supplied with precision all plastic wheelsets to the USA RP25 /72 wheel
standard which is compatible with track and turnouts supplied by major manufacturers.   These are a cost
effective solution for such low cost kits and run very well in my experience.  However I know that some of my
fellow modellers prefer metal tyred wheelsets and I can understand this point of view.  The fact is that a turned
metal tyre will always be better than a plastic moulding, however good (and the plastic wheels I use are better
than many) in terms of concentricity and smoothness.  If you fit metal wheelsets to my rolling stock you also add
significant extra weight.  A standard vee tipper weighs 4g of which 0.2g is the wheels.   The metal wheel sets
weigh 1.5g increasing the total weight to 5.3g, a 30% increase.   This additional weight is also all in the right
place - low down - and improves stability and 'track holding'.

For those who prefer metal wheels or who particularly want the resulting extra smooth running and slightly lower
centre of gravity I am now making metal wheelsets available as an option.

All you need to do is order one 'metal wheels option' item per wagon kit you purchase.  If buying online simply
click on the option buttons provided.  Please do not order the options unless ordering a kit to match as this price
relies on me replacing the plastic wheels with metal wheels in the kit.  Please use the upgrade price to purchase
metal wheelsets seperately.

For those who want to upgrade rolling stock purchased previously I am also making the metal wheels available
separately in 2 axle and 6 axle packs

Please go to the
Online Shop page to select metal wheels options or purchase metal wheelsets.
Metal Wheels Option
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Precision metal tyred (tired) wheels.
Adds weight, improves running
Compatible with my whitemetal & resin
rolling stock kits (excludes Japanese Vee
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