009* Braked Flat Wagon
This kit has a bit of everything including whitemetal, resin and
etched brass parts, a total of over a dozen components
excluding wire.  The brake gear is fully modelled as is the
actuator handle.  The style and weight of the finished kit is
comparable with the standard flat wagon and is intended to
be run with these in a rake.  In prototype use a single braked
truck would often be coupled to several unbraked tippers to
prevent them running away when not coupled to a loco.  The
number of non-braked trucks to each braked unit would vary
depending on the gradients and loads involved but I suggest
a minimum of 1 braked to 3 unbraked and a maximum of 1
braked to 10 unbraked.
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Every effort has been made to keep the centre of gravity low and within the wheel base to avoid  the truck being
unstable.  To this end the brake platform is a resin casting and the brake column a brass etch.  The truck is
designed to fit
Greenwich coupler looks (available seperately). Although there appears to be a considerable
overhang at the end with the brake platform this is not a problem from the point of view of tight radiuses, I find a
train including this item will negotiate a 6" radius easily when pulled or shunted (pushed).

The kit comes with two pages of comprehensive instructions.
Click here for the instructions for this kit.

The braked flat wagon is available individually, please note that a braked chassis kit is also available.
* Note also that a HOn30/HOe variant of this kit will be released shortly.

A metal wheelsets option is available for this kit, click here for details.
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US Dollar/Euro pricing option:-
1 kit US $13.00 or €10.50
1 braked continental vee tipper kit £6.75

Postage (P&P) Rates for any quantity:-
Within the UK - £1.50
Anywhere outside the UK - £3
Payment by cheque on a UK Bank or UK postal orders
payable to N. Lawton or
By mail order or online from:
Nigel Lawton
77 Katherine Way
East Sussex BN25 2XF
United Kingdom
Shipping & Handling Rates for any quantity anywhere
outside the UK:-

Option 1
Payment by US Dollar or Euro bills or  online  - US $6
or €5 S&H.

Payment by checks on USA based banks in $ and
European banks in  â‚¬ or Wells Fargo international
money orders in US $ payable to N. Lawton - US $16
or €13 S&H.
(Please note the additional handling charge of $10/â
‚¬8 is to cover the £5 bank charge which is incurred
when cashing non-UK £ checks or Wells Fargo
money orders).
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