Links page - An excellent website primarily devoted to all things Egger, including historic
and product information and second-hand sales of genuine Egger, Liliput and pretty much any other narrow gauge
model you can think of.  Very good site, very nice guy. - The website of the 009 Society of which I am a member.  The Society promotes narrow
gauge modelling - at the website you will find picture galleries showing mainly 009 model railways along with details
of the society and its publication 'The 009 News'. - The website of the 2mm Association who promote finescale modelling in a size similar to N
scale but on 9.42mm track gauge rather than 9mm.  They have a comprehensive range of products which include
track components which may be used in 9mm (and other) gauges. - Narrow Gauge and Industrial - the website of Roy C Link.  Roy produces the
'Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review', a high quality quarterly magazine devoted to the subject.  
Highly recommended as a source of drawings and ideas and examples of state of the art modelling. - The website of the Amberley museum railway collection.  This has
been a major source of 'inspiration' for me over the past few years.  There are loads of excellent prototype pictures
here, including pics of many of the items I have used as a basis for my kits. The website of the Moseley Railway Trust, a society devoted to the preservation of a
collection of industrial railway equipment originally based  in Cheadle near Stockport.  Now relocating to Apedale,
Newcastle Under Lyme.  Loads of interesting pictures here too and they have their own very interesting member's
magazine.  I'm a member of the MRT. This is the website of Hiromi Masaki, a great man of the very small narrow
gauge loco!  He was absolutely key in convincing me that very small 009 and HOn30 locos can be made to work!  
His Blog is a cornucopia of interesting and fascinating photos and good luck with the Japanese translation! This is the website of the UK N Gauge Society which is run by one of my valued
customers.  The site is huge and includes a wide range of material majoring on N scale models but which those
modelling in the smaller scales in general will find of interest.  The links page in particular is comprehensive and will
provide you with many hours of browsing material across a wide range of scales and gauges. This is the website of the Greenwich and district narrow gauge (railway) society of which I am
a member.  The site contains details of membership, meetings, club layouts, exhibitions etc etc.
Buy Online John Hubbard has some online pages about narrow gauge
modelling including a couple describing the remotoring of Bachmann chassis.  This provides a selection of useful
hints and tips on this extensive subject and is an excellent resource for the hobbyist.  Graham Hickson is an ingenious P4 modeller who
has designed and build prototypical traction motors for 4mm scale standard gauge using my micro motors with spur
gear reduction.  These seem powerful enough to allow the dream of prototypical drives for tube stock, EMUs etc. Ted Scannell is another excellent P4 modeller who has designed and build
prototypical traction motors for 4mm scale standard gauge using my micro motors and combinations of belt drive and
spur gears.  He has also developed a number of non-traction motor style under floor drives.
This and other projects can be accessed from  the CLAG home page
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