10mm x 12mm coreless motor
Etched brass cradle
Fixing nut and bolt
Turned shaft adapter/extender
Thrust washer
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instructions sheet
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Low starting voltage
Smooth running
Easy to build
Fits within size of original motor
Budget price
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HO/Gn15 remotoring
project using this kit
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Bachmann    re-motoring kit
Please note that the worm gear is NOT included and must be removed from the
original motor.  Instructions on how to do this using only basic tools are included in
the kit.
A note to
N SCALE modellers - this re-powering solution fits within the outline of the
original motor and can be used to re-motorise the original loco (docksider or
switcher) and larger locos without modification.

Early Version Chassis
Also note that this kit is designed for versions of the Bachmann 0-4-0 sold from the 1980s-2000.  
It does not fit some of the very early versions of this loco without modification and has not been
tried with any of the recently released locos.  The early version docksider had the motor
mounted in the body of the loco, not attached to the chassis.  This type of loco may also be
distinguished by its complex plastic valve gear rather than the much simpler metal valve gear
fitted to later versions.  If your motor is attached to the chassis this kit will fit without modification,
if you have the early chassis do not despair as the re-motor kit can still be fitted but you need to
make an extra hole in the base of the cradle and shave away the plastic chassis somewhat.
For Detailed instructions on how to fit to early versions click here

You can buy this kit online from my ONLINE SHOP
If you have purchased mini motors from me previously and just want to purchase
the cradle components I can make these available on an individual basis for the
difference in price between the motor and re-motor kit.  Please email me if you want
to pursue this.

Please contact me by email if you have any questions
tm - Bachmann is a registered trademark of Bachmann Europe plc
This is a mounting cradle I have developed for my 10mm x 12mm coreless mini
motor primarily to allow it to be used as a replacement motor to the Bachmann   N
scale 0-4-0 dockside switcher loco chassis much used by narrow gauge modellers
in 009, HOn30 and HOe.  It also fits other Bachmann chassis up to an including the
2-8-0 although some of these need a longer shaft adapter; please order the
appropriate version.  The cradle is also useful as a general purpose motor mount
for the mini motor.  Please look on the HOn30 Yahoo group for more examples of
remotored Bachmann chassis and feedback on this product.
Please see my ONLINE SHOP for details of pricing & postage & packing
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